Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I WON! Can you believe it? I never win anything and I won this cool necklace. (Actually, I win a lot but only when I enter for someone else- I have won tickets for Disney on Ice (older daughter), autographed Peyton Manning shirt that the mice ate (younger daughter), Colt's jacket (ex-husband), tool-kit (younger son), super makeover, new clothes and night out(younger sister) etc.) But this time it is in my name!!! I won. Picture slightly over-weight, slightly over-age gringa bouncing around here in Mexico giggling (I don't sing!) heeheheeee.

Here is what I won. It is from from MysticPieces. Cool steampunk jewelry. Thanks Shelly (MysticPieces) and Monica at  your designed life who sponsored the giveaway.

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